FUZIONLife Toronto: Reiki & Meditation Studio
64 Six Point Road 

The Vision

A place to cultivate healing, clarity, and inner happiness

FuzionLife is a call to a deeper relationship with self.

Meditation and spiritual mentorship are used as the process to unfold insight into your human experience. 

Reiki is applied as a support for the nervous system, trauma, illness and to expand self-awareness. 


The Founder


Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor & Yoga Teacher

Reiki  is  a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. The energy is directed from the Reiki practitioner's meditative state for the benefit of another.  It invites the recipient into a theta brain wave state of deep relaxation where the nervous system can restore and reset. 

Spiritual counsel is offered through gentle dialogue and deep listening which allows you to tune into an awareness of the state of your body, mind, and soul. The result is a renewed, profound connection that sees you leaving feeling empowered and peaceful. 

Meditation, Mindfulness training. We all want peace and happiness, so why is it so complicated to create and maintain it? Developing self awareness of one's thoughts, beliefs and behaviours is crucial if you want to live a conscious life. Learn to ask questions, reflect and let go. Learn to make new healthy choices from a place of self awareness and autonomy.

Yoga Pranayama.These are ancient yogic breathing practices to retrain the body back to its state of peace and non reactivity.


What a client could expect within a session


Reiki is a deeply relaxing restoration of the nervous system. It is an energetic detoxification of emotional and mental energy states.

Spiritual Dialogue 

Through dialogue we bring gentle awareness to your relationship to yourself and others. We look at patterns & actions to facilitate conscious living. 

Addiction Support

Reiki is recognized within rehabilitation centres to play an important role in recovering the nervous system and managing cravings.

Mental Health

Meditation is a profound practice to manage anxiety and depression. Teachings as well as tools, and techniques are shared.


Learning how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries that support you and how you arrive within your relationships.

Grief Treatment

Are you struggling with the loss of a loved one or a relationship? Through gentle dialogue and deep Reiki we tune into our loss adapting to our new reality. 


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"Angela has become a huge part of my life. Selflessly, she guides shares her wisdom, experience & abundant life energy with all her clients. Creating a safe, loving space to learn, grow, release, trust & use what energy is already inside of you to heal."