Reiki Master, Meditation & Yoga Teacher

As a child, I was extremely sensitive. As a teenager, my intuitive abilities expediently developed. In 1985, I was guided to an opportunity to study with a master meditation teacher, named Alma Bell, who at the time was 85 years old and whose life work was centred around training future teachers, healers, and meditators. Through my journey of meditation, it was a natural step to continue my own research on how diseases manifest in the human body and how they affect the soul’s condition. 

Over the last thirty years, I have studied and practiced energetic healing. I became a Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Instructor, and Registered Yoga Teacher. My practice is a fusion of advanced quantum meditation states blended with Reiki dynamic energy together with my unique intuitive abilities applied as a sacred prescription for the soul.


M Y  B E L I E F S 


I view gender through a spiritual and energetic lens. I believe it is an energetic spectrum. Each individual has a sovereign right to fully exist within their own true nature.

Creating Balance

I believe in two predominate energies one that is creative, emotional, inspirational and the other that is ordered, structured, logical rooted in form and matter. 

True Nature 

I believe that every human is born in basic goodness. That is our true nature. It is what happens to us within our own lives that creates illusion and a feeling of separateness.


M Y  P R A C T I C E

. Reiki .
Soul Integration

Rediscover your relationship with your authentic soul and higher purpose through a tailored energy diagnosis, tantric numerology, and custom healing plan.


With loving support and encouragement, heal old emotional wounds, trauma and ancestral karma which can lead to the manifestation of diseases in the body 


Learn how to protect, manifest, and maintain alignment between your mind, body, and soul through tailored teaching, classes, and resources.

. Counselling .

A compassionate and non-judgemental space to commune over life's  experiences and bring gentle awareness to themes and patterns.


We cannot change what we are not aware of. Developing a relationship with your self based on trust, respect and love is the key.  

True Nature 

Rediscover your true nature and question the illusionary nature of the ego personality. How do I experience myself, my world? how do my thoughts create my reality?