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Akashic Meditation

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

There are many forms of meditation, for many purposes. There are what I refer to as 'tuning in meditations'

in which, an individual practices the tuning in to their present moment and brings there intention, attention and breath into a singular union and action. This trinity produces a tuning, a restoring and a resetting of the psychological, emotional and the physical aspects of our human experience. This is a very good foundational practice for meditation, to create a stable base for the challenging experience of being human.

There is another form of meditation that I practice which I call Akashic Meditation. The word Akashic means Ether, which in meditation I experience as a transcendent state of consciousness. It is where I unite with a field of energy that is beyond the limits of my physical existence, it is expansive, limitless emptiness which contains the totality of the unlimited potentiality of all universes.

An individual can train in reaching this transcendent state, maintaining it and learning to work within it. Working within the Akashic field can have an incredible affect on you life, you are able to witness the interconnectedness between all individuals, events and creation. It cultivates an awakening of consciousness and one begins to wake to the dream of their human life. One may learn how to realize their unfulfilled potentials, as well as heal energetic trauma, and consciously create their life through communicating within and experiencing this elevated state of consciousness.

There are deeper aspects of the Akashic Field that the meditator may experience that deal with the aspect of time not being linear. We experience time as linear when we are deeply attached to our physical human state, everything has a past, present and future. In the Akashic field everything is the now, all living energies are in different stages of expression but being simultaneously expressed upon your unlimited consciousness. What this infers is that you may communicate and alter potentials that have not yet expressed or gain insight and understanding to those events that have already manifested in your life. This article is just a very small introduction to the Akashic Field the study is limitless just like the field. I invite you to seek out training with me if this is something that you are interested in learning more about. I offer private as well as group meditation experiences.

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