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Narcissism- The individual and collective wound- are we all Narcissists?

Such a complicated wound to heal. This wound I believe is really the origin of it all. Since the beginning of humankind, cultures have tried to explain the creation of a separate self through the telling of creation stories. These stories share the narrative of a fall from the divine union to separation. They speak of the creation of self and of individual will and desires. Humanity entered a complex paradigm where each was the creator of their own reality and how they projected what they believed was reality onto others. We made assumptions, assigned blame, gave away our sovereignty, and raped, exploited, and stole at times the sovereignty of others. We did this on an individual, national, and world scale through the medium of race, religion, culture, and politics. Basically, throughout human history, we are witnessing an insidious battle of the personification of power. Every channel of difference we could manipulate we did for our own selfish need to establish power over rather than creating respect of difference, tolerance, and acceptance of each human's right to process and heal their own reality. History also tells us of times when humanity was unified with a common altruistic purpose when great thinkers created manifestos of basic human rights and freedoms. We recently have experienced great tension within this power paradigm -great gains and great losses and we will continue to do so as we evolve towards inclusion and union. This is a time of great growing pains, of stretching beyond what we are so convinced is truth towards the great big ask-- Is this really true? We as a humanity are deeply divided but let's look at the real question being asked of us at this time of fake news. Are the agitators also something else... have they got the question right while their behaviors belong to the separation model. In their creation of division can we still respect their question? Is this true? Is it possible that humankind at this time finally looks at the nature of narcissistic behavior and begins the individual and collective work of owning our thoughts, speech, and actions and understands how and why we are creating them? To move towards healing the original wound- means humanity needs to acknowledge how terrifying the experience of being alive is. That we all need more understanding not less, more patience, love, compassion, communing, and community.

Through our ignorance, we created karma, which simply put means that we must experience the suffering we have created for others as a means of learning and evolving beyond the separation of I and You. This understanding that your suffering is my suffering and my suffering is your suffering is paramount to healing. If I can heal my own separation, my own longing to belong unconditionally and to be sovereign, then I will stop judging and denying your human process.

We have become conditioned by an external world that markets to us a sense of belonging. Social media and business have understood long ago this need for humans to feel a sense of belonging. That this sense of belonging creates a feeling of safety and security. In this timing humanity needs to see that belonging isn't created outside of yourself it is created within yourself. We need to continue to move toward the reconnection to our inner experience, autonomy-being self-defined and self-regulating is the key to healing. If we learn to acknowledge and sit with our fear, insecurities, rejection, and self animosity, we would realize its illusionary and temporary nature. Make no mistake great personal bravery is required but really at this point in humanity what is the alternative?

This timing is a call toward taking personal responsibility for what and how you create in your world and this world at large. Many of us have already heard the call and started the work, and it is brutal soul-searching work. It is also imperative work if humanity wants to evolve past this destructive power paradigm.

I am dedicated to my own healing and helping wherever I can. If you're new to the conversation, frightened, or unsure where to start there are so many people, apps., lectures, books, and blogs flooding humanity right now because the need is so great and we're ready, just take a step towards yourself. Consider taking an introduction to meditation, even if you've tried it before and given up in frustration remember the old saying 'it doesn't matter how many times you fall down it matters how many times you get up. You'll find an affordable option on my website and I look forward to meeting you there.

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