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R E I K I 

Reiki at FuzionLife is highly personalized and unique. During our initial meeting (online or in person), great time and care is taken to create a loving environment and bond with our guest. The first session is approximately one and a half to two hours in length. A personal history is gathered; past, current and future health goals are discussed; your relationships with others and yourself are explored, as well as how you experience suffering and your current sense of personal fulfillment and joy.

Tools, such as  tantric numerology, are applied to help identify life purpose, karmas, gifts and blessings--along with Ayurvedic principles to identify the natural constitution and needs of our guest. An assessment of all energy bodies is also discussed and blockages identified. A treatment plan is developed for the initial session, as well as a general outline for future treatment. A Reiki session is given  where the guest is gently ushered into deep relaxation through customized meditation techniques.


Afterwards, our Reiki guest will receive session notes, via email, and next steps for self care practices.

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