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Am I creating my own unhappiness?

Updated: Apr 1

In our daily existence, we have the constant company of our inner narrator-'The describer of your reality'-Awareness arrives the instant you begin to question yourself- is what I think absolutely true? That moment of doubt, that sliver can pierce your dulled consciousness like a pointed shard of glass. As a human, if we want to progress, to evolve to this moment is required. Otherwise, we remain in a place of ignorance-a place where we are absolutely sure of every thought we have ever had, never questioning never aware of our bias. This moment is a necessity to healing your human condition.

Many of us are trying to heal our childhood. In my work with clients, I begin to see patterns, certain commonalities to the human experience. One of the connections I have seen is that as children when suffering happens to us we may internalize it. This internalization means we didn't ask questions, we didn't clarify, we didn't express ourselves. These emotions get labels, that become statements- that become beliefs, the tighter your grip is to these beliefs the more narrow your experience of the world becomes. As you grow you develop a system of labeling your experience. You understand that when 'this' happens it means 'that' will happen. You develop complex systems of predicting, and assuming and as you go about your day your system gets 'triggered' into a reaction. This is the nature of human life, but there is comfort in understanding how your creating what your creating. Healing is possible when we re-examine our beliefs and how they were created. When we can go back to their starting point and realize the labels and statements that the small child created were based on their understanding and emotional maturity at that time. We can tend to that condition- comfort, and commune with it and ultimately update it and mature it.

People at times are afraid to return to the memories of trauma, that's understandable. Currently, there are so many ways to address healing ...we have evolved beyond psychology to include many other traditions in healing. Reiki is one of those. Personally in Reiki, I experience those moments of your trauma as frozen energy, when I run Reiki energy there is a blockage present that needs to be dissolved. So what is the nature of Reiki? Reiki's nature is nameless and formless but when it is activated I merge it with my deep intention to be peaceful and loving.

We all have sprung forth from the unconditional, nameless and formless. Humanity has spent much of its existence trying to name this - creating dogma, rules, and structure around this. When we meditate, we move beyond our own system of labeling, beyond another person, books, and dogma to commune deeply with our own unconditional, nameless and formless nature.

It is the conditional nominal world that enslaves us. The conditions that secure us into our daily lives are the thoughts that we narrate. These thoughts affirm that if we can constantly label 'what this is' we can feel safe enough to endure it- endure this human life. Don't you want to move beyond enduring life to a place of gratitude and wonder? This state of freedom is reached within the experience of meditation and it is one of the most priceless gifts you can give yourself.


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