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A Common Humanity in Challenging Times

Life is challenging at the best of times, our current times even more so. As we continue to isolate either by ourselves or with others close to us so much comes up for clearing. We can only try our best to be diligent in remembering our intentions to be kind, to love and to consider another's point of view. As you experience intense emotions consider it an opportunity that may result in a powerful release and clearing of beliefs that you held that were in need of expansion or updating. At one time or another all of us hold so tightly to what we believe, to our perspective as our way to assert our right to exist. This is our natural way of individuating ourselves. We are all wounded on some level. We all crave to be seen, valued and to belong to something larger and greater than ourselves. This is how we confirm our right to exist through connecting and communing with others that affirm our perspectives or beliefs. We may receive comfort through this connection, but not necessarily growth. The people in our lives that challenge us also push us past the points of view that we hold so tightly to. They ask us to pivot from being 'right' to being more inclusive , to meet them in a neutral place beyond ideologies, politics, religion and race and to meet them in a human place. Such a space honours and allows everyone's journey, wound, brokenness, as well as their strength, overcoming and resilience. In this place we take ownership of what we have jointly created and set about addressing the healing. The stories may greatly differ but the humanity is common.

I believe we are dismantling an archaic relationship with power that has plagued humanity since its inception. A dynamic that was exploitive and aggressive in which there was a 'power-over' mentality- a victor and victim dynamic. This power dynamic is present in our personal relationships as well as on the larger world stage. A dynamic of ' I exist or you exist'- we cannot both be right, both be affirmed, we can get lost is yielding personal power to each other in order to feel loved or to belong. A renewed commitment to respecting difference, to move from opponent to a more collaborative dynamic is needed but none of this can be achieved if we do not own our personal stories and karma. The degree to which we can love and forgive ourselves is in direct relation to the degree in which we can love and forgive others. It has to start on an individual level.

Personally, I have been dismantled and reassembled so many times I have come to accept that the tighter I grip, or the louder I assert my will over ... ultimately the harder I fall. I have come to accept this as the mechanical nature of the wheel of karma. What you create in separation, in illusion will be revealed to you through living your life- you will answer to it, not as a punishment but as an opportunity to unify all aspects of your being-to heal. In so healing the one we heal the many.

So in this present timing we have an awesome opportunity to examine from the microcosm of our personal relationships to the macrocosm of society, nation and world what we need to own, what we need to forgive and what we need to let go of. It is my belief that whatever change you can make within yourself it will ripple out endlessly into the macrocosm .

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